Woohoo First Week

Wowee, made it.

What a ride!

Florence is now happily ensconced in her new home, Luigi (the grinder) now has company and we are all happier than ever!

Florence, my machine – courtesy Ben Carson Photography

The sun seemed to shine a little brighter each morning this week, and I was overwhelmed by the reception we got (that, and I vow to never, EVER deprive my regulars of coffee for three days again).   The space is feeling more like home as the hours pass… the blackwood veneer walls, the bright sunshine in the early morning, the bar where you can watch the world go by.  It makes ME want to sit down and read a mag and while away the hours.

Recycled reading rack – image courtesy Ben Carson Photography

…But I can’t because the coffee is running brilliantly.  Where to start? The boys (and girl!) from Ritual Coffee have excelled themselves again, bringing me a fabulous Amelia Blend (El Salvador/Kenya) and the most awesome Guatemalan single origin I could have hoped for (because let’s face it, it’ll be too expensive for any of us to buy at $9 cup next season!).  New blades, new grinder, new seals, serviced machine… it’s practically Christmas for this barista!

Amelia Blend or Single Origin – image courtesy Ben Carson Photography

And did I mention we have new glassware – a cold drip that we brewed Wednesday night just for giggles and then smashed through Thursday morning as a result of (That Was Awesome)… Look for it in the next few weeks as I decide just how we are going to have it (by itself, with ice, sparkling, milk… Oh, the possibility!)

Cold Drip Glassware – image courtesy Ben Carson Photography

Of course there was a little drama – stitches! – but this week, above all others, has been the BEST WEEK EVER for Amelia Espresso – and that makes for a very happy lady behind the machine.

Happy Days – image courtesy of Ben Carson Photography

Thanks so much for the pep, pizzazz, flowers, cards, well wishes and waves.  Couldn’t have done it without you.

xo Ae

Massive props to Ben Carson Photography for these magic pics – check out his website, boys got skills.