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Amelia Espresso Launceston is a 7-5, Monday to Friday kind of espresso bar.

We are friendly, casual, sometimes crazy busy and always happy to see you.

We buy from locals, because we are locals.  We love that we have such excellence here in Launceston!

Ritual Coffee is a Launceston roaster doing wondrous things for our tastebuds, you can visit them here.

We use Betta milk, a Tasmanian owned co-op which provides us with consistently awesome local milk.

Though we don’t do meals, we do provide deliciousness right off the bat: we wouldn’t want you to go hungry.

Award winner Daytimefood loads us up with Hazelnut granola bars that will blow your mind.

Birdseed provide us with an entirely gluten free range of goodies, handmade by the wonderful Jennifer and taste tested (by us) to perfection!

Simon the Chocolatier provides us with his handmade delights, proving that it really is never too early for chocolate. It isn’t.

APiece Bakery provide us with freshly baked goodies each morning, using sourdough for croissants, doughnuts, danishes…

We never said we’d be healthy, we just said we’d be good.  We know where everything comes from, and it isn’t far.

We frown on shelf life and preservatives, and the only promise we give is that every day there will be something different.