Three months ago…

I cannot believe there are only 25 coffee drinking days until Christmas, but you know what they say about time flying.  Sometimes it’s nice to draw breath and take a look at all that has been achieved in the last few months – let’s take a little trip!

When I first found that I had to look for a new place, I’ll admit to a certain level of anxiety. But then, like a shining light running to me from the end of a dark tunnel, I was shown THE MOST AWESOME SPOT IN THE WORLD to put a little espresso bar.  It looked a little like this:

Still someone’s office…

At the time, my lovely (to be) landlord had mentioned that ‘perhaps I’d like to get rid of the panelling as it was a little dated?’.  But no, blackwood veneer would suit me just fine, thank you!

With the help of the extremely talented, knowledgeable and skilled Sarah Lindsay (Lindsay Crossin), and others getting their ‘Tradie’ on, (Ali, Em, Lou, Oli, Debbie, Nick…) we pulled walls down, waved goodbye to fluorescent lighting, ripped up carpet, polished concrete, painted, cleaned, scrubbed and made way for a new door at 56 George Street.

Sarah and Ali… So, what’s first?

We were careful to try to reuse or recycle as much as we could.  Furniture either came from repurposed cupboard doors, the previous espresso bar or salvage.   Even the carpet was pulled up in one piece and is now gracing someone’s shack floor!In a little under two weeks, we went from ‘OHMYGODWHATAMESS’ to, ‘I think this may actually work.’

Florence in her new home!

Of course, there were plenty of suitably impressive ACTUAL tradies that helped to get the work done.  Chris from Electrical Edge sparked up the power, Mick and his team at MPH Builders did the built-ins, plumbing and flooring, Gary from Cityline organised the doors and windows, and Jason Conroy painted and polished even though he was injured! Love it when a team comes together.

Peekaboo! Thanks Peter Lord for the pic!

It’s been a quick trip, but certainly 2012 is a year to remember.  So much can be achieved when you have such brilliant support around you.  To my new landlords (Mike and Susie), my family, friends, Laura, Alec, my fabulously supportive customers, suppliers (Ritual Coffee and Josie Towns especially!) and anyone else I’ve failed to mention – THANK YOU.  Couldn’t have done it without you.