Ritual Coffee.

Ritual Coffee

Ritual Coffee is a locally roasted coffee that changes seasonally, is ethically sourced and always, ALWAYS super fresh and amazing.*  (Their beautiful website is here)

When I set out to find a coffee to use in my little espresso bar in August 2011, I thought that while the mainland companies had a certain appeal, if I wanted to actually back myself I had to start at home – and back some local roasters.  My first meeting went a little like this:

Amelia (flushed and nervous, hoping to look coffee-geek-barista-cool enough to cut the mustard): “G’day. I’m thinking of starting something in town…”

Tim (Wearer of Hats) : “Ok then, let’s get you organised.”

Ok, so it wasn’t that straight forward, but it felt like it.  The key thing that we had in common was that we adore this little town of Launceston, we knew that good coffee was not always available, and we both wanted to embrace the culture that was trickling down from mainland cities and regional towns. Food production was never an option for me, so there was always going to be the focus on the coffee.  Within six weeks we had a machine, a grinder, some coffee and some smiles…

For an insight into what the differences between Fairtrade, direct trade and ‘relationship’ coffee I can’t go past this (heavily referenced!) article by Stu Grant, the roaster.  It nails it.  Read about it here.

*They also organised for me to receive my deliveries is small paint tins.  This cuts out the enormous waste of using vacuum sealed bags, which will take eternity to break down.  The tins also double as tables in the espresso bar. Huzzah!