Why We Love Local.

Local is important to Amelia Espresso for a number of reasons.

We have the good stuff right here. There is no need to import in (even if only from the big island) when we have everything delicious on our doorstep. Fundamentally, buying local from small producers when we can meet their families, see their friends, understand their lifestyles and find common ground builds community around our business. It shows producers and customers alike that we have faith in locals, we have faith in their (and our) abilities and we feel privileged to be able to represent their brands at a local scale.

We don’t try to screw down pricing. We aren’t interested in that.Discounts or reduced rate diminishes the value that we hold in a product. Discounted milk means farmers get less, pushing the home cooks to bake more/better/faster for less doesn’t allow for an understanding of work life balance, family responsibility or lifestyle. We want quality, we expect to pay for it. Anything less would be disingenuous.

We build community. As a self employed business owner, I can say that there is no better feeling than having fabulous people come to work for you and have them be happy to do so. I know, and it has been demonstrated to me, that by instilling confidence, giving responsibility, supporting initiative and interpersonal connection, AND paying my employees a value that I know they are worth, I am blessed to be able to say my employees are also my friends. Customers, suppliers, passersby understand that AE is a casual, relaxed, empowering and lively space, without the people inside, it would be just a room.

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