It’s been crazy, thank heavens for BANJO!

You know, I never thought iced lattes were going to make it big in my little cafe. How wrong I was! Our little city has just experienced the hottest summer on record, compounded with what felt like three weeks of 30-something temperatures… This weekend past we had more rain than we’ve had in the last six months… And now, they (the heralded Bureau) are saying we’ll be back to 28 before the week’s out.

But who gives a shit about the weather? Banjo is the latest (little) addition to the Amelia Espresso stable – though I guess it’s more like a shed? – and I am STOKED to have him on board. Image

Not only does Banjo come with an awesome name, he is masterful with the steam wand to boot! Best of all, he’s cheeky, excellent working company, will endeavour to remember your names AND coffee orders, and he makes my life, well, frankly, much more manageable.

Banjo has mentioned that if you’d like to print off this pic he’ll happily autograph it…

Feel free to introduce yourself next time you are in store!