Cold drip. Delicious.

We’ve been getting a little excited of late about a funky little thing called a cold drip.  Mel Jarosz (co-owner, Ritual Coffee) describes it as tasting how coffee smells, Dion (my milkman), describes it as ‘an acquired taste’, and Cade from Black Cow/Stillwater is more than a little hooked.  Long story short, if you like your coffee black, cold and/or delicious (not to mention ultra caffeinated) THIS is the Stuff For You!

It takes a while – up to 12 hours, for this little bit of deliciousness. The Gourmet Traveller described it perfectly in their October 2012 issue:

If you thought six minutes was a long time to wait for a caffeine hit, try 12 hours. That’s about how long it takes to make a coffee using the cold-drip method. The cold-drip device consists of three glass chambers. The top one holds cold filtered water, which drips slowly onto coffee grounds in the middle chamber. The coffee then filters to the bottom. Popular in summer, cold-drip makes a relatively sweet-tasting cup because of the low acidity produced. Cold-drip coffee is light-bodied, dominated by floral notes and ideal for serving over ice. (Read the rest of their excellent article on Australian Coffee here)

I like to drink it a little like I would a whisky – just smell it and sip it and let it seep into you slowly!  It’s a great way to drink coffee without the volume but with all the punch!